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There are so many heavy hearts, unclear paths and a lot of darkness in the world today so I felt the need to make the music free, I know it empowers people. All I ask in return is two things 1. that you focus to stay away from all sources of poisions/intoxicants from your life-style including dietary - The more intoxicated we become the less we feel connected to each other, thinking & feeling clariety slips away, separation and fighting results.

2. The other is that you share the Ascension Series website with everyone so they too will have full access to the Ascension Series.

- Free artwork may come soon as well depending if this project makes Ascension Series successful - with your help I am sure it will.

Friday, 20 March 2009



The Ascension Series website provides thought provoking art, music, video and research. Explore and discover Ascension Music, Art and Research like you never thought possible, It will be an awakening.

Vibrational Medicine/Music/Art is key to healing, transformation and ultimately Ascension. Light (laser) is used to heal wounds and destroy Cancer, Ultrasound is now being used to regrow teeth and destroy Cancer cells .The Sound Frequency 528 Hz is promoted by Professionals to accelerate DNA healing, Mind Entrainment Technology can enhance IQ, Accelerated Learning, accelerated healing, pain relief, self hypnosis, achieve the deepest states of meditation that may otherwise take over 30 years to master and more.

The concept of Ascension is being realized more each day around the world by Health Professionals and the general public alike once they are provided with all these "Key" concepts and thoroughly studied sciences that can't be disputed.

In Psychology, music cognition is the field of research studying the effects of music upon the brain. Today it may be more commonly known that classical music can increase IQ (Net Search for Mozart Effect). The reason why classical music might be more effective to develop intelligence is because it is usually more resonant and uses more range of musical notes or sound frequencies that stimulate additional regions of the brain than other music genres. This is why the melody "They Key" maybe key to your own development and the intricacy of the Ascension Series art is a direct mirror of its influence on the mind. "The Key" has more notes than any typical classical music, is longer (57 minutes) and finally is resonant using pure electric guitar utilizing Fender's Noiseless pickups (no humbucker needed!).

We either relate to specific music on an emotional level and it may dictate our emotions such as anger, depression or we may *decide* to use it to "lift our spirits". Psychosomatic Ascension -through suggestion and hypnosis sunburn and blisters can appear as well as healing -so if people can appear what they think how about changing your thoughts for Ascension? To begin, elevate your emotions and thoughts through trans-formative Music & Art!

Some references: 1993. Lecture : Epigenetic regulation of protein biosynthesis by scale resonance. Kanagawa Science Academy and Teikyo Hospital (Tokyo). May 20. Van Doorne Yannick. 2000. Thesis : Influence of variable sound frequencies on the growth and developpement of plants. Hogeschool Gent. Belgium. 22 June. Coghlan A. 1994. Good vibrations give plants excitations; New Scientist. 28 May. p10. Weinberger P. and Graefe U. 1973. The effect of variable sound-frequency sound on plant growth. Canadian Journal of Botany. Vol.51:1851-1856

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